Our lambs may not lead the longest lives, but boy are they happy little critters. All of the lambing on our farm is “in pasture”, meaning that we don’t separate the birthing moms from the rest of the flock unless there’s a problem. As with everything else on Branch Honey Farm, we let Mother Nature do her thing, and try to intervene as little as possible.

We welcomed our first batch of 32 lambs to the farm in March 2022.  The 21 ram lambs went to market in the fall, and we kept the 11 girls to grow the flock. Lambing season is one of the most fun times on the farm, and we're looking forward to welcoming our next gang of bouncy little guys and gals in spring 2023.

Our lambs spend their entire lives in our pastures with the flock. They are grass fed, and we use no antibiotics, processed feed or growth supplements. Other than milk until weaning age for our handful of “bottle babies” (lambs whose mothers won’t let them nurse), they lead entirely natural lives. As any Aussie or Kiwi will tell you, this produces the best tasting lamb, and also lets us rest easy knowing that we produce a natural and one hundred percent sustainable protein source for ourselves and our customer-partners.


Our Lambs