Branch Honey Farm’s journey began thanks to Cody, our Brittany upland bird dog. Cody was bred to hunt and it’s his favorite thing to do. One day, Allison decided she’d join Huck and Cody on a pheasant hunt to see what the fuss was all about. She loved being in the field as much as Huck and Cody, and this family passion led us to the Eastern Shore - a lifelong hunting destination for Huck, and love at first sight for Allison and Cody.

Prior to the farm, we spent twenty-five wonderful years as city-dwellers in New York City and Washington, DC. We still love to go back to visit… but also wanted to experience life in the countryside where we could enjoy our love of the outdoors each and every day. The original plan was to move once our nest emptied after 2025… but one Saturday in 2019 while ogling farms online, we turned to each other and simultaneously wondered why we couldn't move summer of 2021, when our older two children headed off to college and our younger two would just be starting high school. That's when the dream started to become a reality.

We bought our farm in 2020, moved in the summer of 2021, and haven’t looked back.  The sheep arrived on Labor Day and quickly became part of our family (they’re hard not to love). Our first crop of lambs arrived spring 2022. We learn something new every day, and are continually amazed at our small farm’s ability to provide new challenges, frustrations and joys two years into our journey.  We hope that our love for the animals under our care and the land and traditions of the Eastern Shore shine through in the lamb we provide for your table.

Huck_and Allison O'Connor_cocosign

Oxford, MD
March 2022


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