At Branch Honey Farm, we run our operations based on the following commitments that we’ve made to ourselves, our animals and the customers and community we serve.


We will never raise more animals than our small farm can naturally carry. Our sheep feed on natural grass and forage from our pastures ten months per year, and we supplement only with locally purchased hay in the winter. Our farm is fed with well water and solar power, and we aim to minimize our carbon footprint. We also strive to feed our family and our guests with food harvested ethically and sustainably from our gardens, our flock and from the local wildlife and waters around our farm.

Quality Products

We strive to deliver a premium product for our customer-partners that does credit to our farm and our community. We will only sell products that we’d be proud to put on our dinner table, at a price we’d pay ourselves.

Respect for Our Animals

Any small farmer will tell you that their livestock is a part of their family. We love our sheep and other animals, and pride ourselves on providing them with a happy and healthy place to live. They’re our partners and family members, and we treat them that way.

Respect for the Land

The Amish have a great saying: “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” We view ourselves as stewards of the land with which we’re blessed, and of the centuries-old agricultural tradition of the Eastern Shore. We run our farm in ways that leave our land and those traditions stronger and better than when we started.

OUR Commitments

Our Commitments